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Teardrop Camper plans

Teardrop Camper Plans Many teardrop camper plans are available as free PDF downloads. Just about anybody with rudimentary skills and a good dose of common sense (and a lot of clamps) can build a teardrop camper trailer. Please note that most of these vintage plans are presented solely as a historical documents, and without revision.  No recommendations or claims are made as to the safety, suitability or accuracy of these plans. It is best to contact the local roads and traffic authorities in the area in which you live. How To Build A Travel Trailer Vintage Teardrop Camper Project from the archives of Mechanix Illustrated. Build a camping trailer for two. The Wild Goose camper trailer design from the April 1953 Popular Mechanics Magazine. The modern version is known as the Kampmaster. About Teardrop Camper Plans
How Jason built a cheap camper trailer for about $500 using a Harbor Freight utility trailer. About as bare-bones as you can get, but it works, and it keeps you dry and warm. 


House Boat Plans

House Boat Plans I am always looking at house boat plans as a woodworking project. I have always had an interest in boat building, even tried making my own kayak boat plans once. Surprised to find pontoon houseboat kits and build your own houseboat kits. Some of the DIY boat house plans are free, some are available at reasonable cost. We have included a few ideas for those who would like to make their own designs. Building a day trip or weekend shanty boat is not that difficult, even if you have no experience in woodworking or carpentry. It's a great project for the family, built by the family. Everybody can become involved, from designing, building, painting, making curtains and cushions, fetching tea and snacks, making helpful suggestions or even just getting in the way. The Home Built Houseboat It will have to include a bed for overnight stays for sure, a fridge of course, a RV style toilet naturally, a barbecue why not. A little home from home for a weekend away. Ok, so it wou…